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IamHere: In a world where all of us are subjected to Individual Differences, there’s one common factor which we neglect most of the times. The factor which I am talking about is what makes our mind from all the stresses of our daily lives; it is something which sets our mind in the right direction AGAIN.

Now that we are on the subject, the icing on the cake to this factor is – having someone to talk to about our hobbies and people with shared hobbies can only do that. People with common hobbies have a lot to talk about, and thus, they bond and sometimes meet their best friends as well.

The only thing that is left is – From where to find people with common hobbies and interests?

The thing is whenever we encounter a problem; there’s always a solution to it. The answer to your problem is the app named IamHere.

IamHere is a hyperlocal social network where you can discover, engage, and connect in the neighborhood in search of people with similar hobbies, interests, and profession.

This app brings together people, businesses, and NGOs from nearby locations and gives them a platform to chat, share their stories or events. Thus, this app is an ice-breaker in the neighborhood boundaries and building a social marketplace as well.

IamHere is the platform for people who are looking for like-minded people, or for professionals who wish to connect with the other fellow professionals. Or if you are keen to work on social causes and are looking for volunteers and NGOs, then this is the app for you. You can find all of this near you with the help of the Iamhere Mobile App.

This app even lets you create avatars, discover avatars around you, and connect with them with privacy and anonymity. All you have to say to your neighbors are, “I am here.”

You can find people with all kinds of hobbies and interests such as a book lover, a hiker, a guitarist, a dancer, a blogger, a foodie, a fitness enthusiast, a gamer, a biker, a movie buff or any other hobby which you may have, you can find people with similar kinds of interests and hobbies.

You can also find people with similar or professionals near you, be it a designer, a techie, a freelancer, an architect, a sports coach, a tutor, a comedian, or any other profession, just name it. This app has all kinds of professions and businesses for you; all you have to do is choose.

You can also onboard your enterprise and let customers in your community reach you.

Well, the list of services offered by IamHere does not end here. It also has a long list of events which you can find in your neighborhood.

So, if you’re looking forward to hosting an art exhibition, or a dance, or a stand-up comedy, or anything else which you wish to do.

You will find like-minded people and can get started with on-going events and everything.

Apart from all of this, you can find all the social causes and civic issues near you. So, if you’re a social activist, a volunteer, a philanthropist, or if you run an NGO or if you’re looking forward to donating to an NGO, this app can be your great helping hand.

There are different things which you can do on this app such as search nearby for people, professionals, businesses, and NGOs, chat with nearby people, view stories, join nearby events, ask questions, join social campaigns, and view promotions.

What makes this app different from the other apps is that it is unique from all the other apps which we use daily. For example, Google Map only shows places, and Facebook lets you connect with people; however, it is not hyperlocal. Neighborly has questions, but it does not have people discovery. Likewise, there are numerous apps which provide you with one of these either people or places.

Thus, IamHere is the app where you can find both people and places. IamHere circles are based upon interest-based communities, and there are open circles in this app as well. IamHere Open Circles include pet community, art community, fitness community… food, books, drama, and whatnot.

We have several circles as per your different requirements of the neighborhood.

This AI-based app has made its recognition around the globe to that extent that the company has recently won the Prestigious Elevate Award for 2019.

Elevate (for those of you don’t know) is a program for start-ups conducted by the Government of Karnataka and selected start-ups are provided with support from the government in the form of grants, mentorship, and pilot opportunities for Government projects.

Start-ups like IamHere are not only innovating for the local market through technology but also are having a social, tangible impact. It is not far from the time where we can proclaim such an app as the next Google or Facebook from the Indian startup ecosystem.

Now, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and be a part of your neighborhood social network.

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