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Nowadays, posting boomerang videos is like being in the current trend. This is one of the most fun to do things and there are big applications like Instagram, Snapchat giving an option to post boomerang videos. All you have to do is open the applications, capture the video. The biggest issue here is that we need to capture the video in order to create a boomerang effect. There are users who are not happy with this and want to make a boomerang using the video which they have already captured. We have created this article for those people who want the ability to do so.

Boomerang effects work in an unusual way. There are fast , and those bombs are then brought together and converted into a video that keeps on playing in a loop of forward and backward motions. Boomerang is one of the most entertaining video effects.

Steps To Create Boomerang From The Existing Video in Android

  • Open up the Google Play store
  • Search for Boomerang converter application using the search box provided to you
  • Click on the convert existing video button
  • This will take you to the Gallery application
  • Choose the videos which you would like to use for the boomerang effect

There are additional features included in the boomerang converter application

  • Switch off the sound track
  • Attach another soundtrack stored on your device

Select the loop it option once you are done with everything

The video will be cached in your application, and you can then share it with your friends using the networking websites of your choice!

An alternative you can use is the Boomerate Video reverse and loop application available in the official Google Play App store

  • All the information required for you to operate that application will be presented to you on the main screen
  • Click on the icon which represents file and you will be presented with the videos which are in your storage space
  • Look up the videos and select the one you prefer to start with
  • Wait for the video to load in the application and once it is loaded, you can take a piece from that video and turn it into the boomerang!
  • Once you are done with the selection of the part that you want to turn into the boomerang, use the save button
  • You can also make changes to the video if you want. You can choose the output video such as Forward + Reverse, Reverse + Forward, Forward, Reverse.
  • The video speed can also be edited. There are custom filters which are at your disposal when you use this application.
  • The number of loops can be adjusted by the user and in case you mess up the trimming part, you can still correct that without needing to start from scratch.
  • Once you are done with editing your video to your heart’s content, you can save the video and share it with everyone on the social media.

Steps To Create Boomerang From The Existing Video in iOS

  • Search for the GIF maker-video into GIFs application on the app store of your IOS device.
  • Let the application get access to your camera as well as microphone and other input devices which are necessary for the application to operate.
  • Use the Upload button, and it will open up your Gallery
  • Select what you want and use the radio button on the top right
  • Select the time frame which you want to edit
  • Once you are done with all of the above, select the option to loop from here.
  • Moreover, now your boomerang video is entirely up for sharing and saving!

Congratulations on making it this far! We really appreciate you reading our guides and we are sure that you will now be able to create a boomerang using an existing video on your smart phone in no time at all.


The above guide is one of the best guides you can get anywhere in order to create a boomerang from an existing video. Make sure you try out the applications which we have mentioned above because they are one of the best applications in the market and they can surely help you achieve the desired boomerang. We hope this guide helps you. Good luck!

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