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Art is a discovery of oneself, where you discover hidden facets of yourself. This very artist holds the same opinion of art. He plays with colors, challenging his imagination with innovative textures and techniques. Inspired by the environment and religion stimulating his energy, M Singh paintings are an abstract and figurative expression of his love for the divine and the worldly curiosity.

He’s a self-taught artist, who equals his art to meditation. His artworks are a part of his path to self-discovery, expressing himself through his art. His artwork can be seen as an expression of the amalgamation of his spiritual and flamboyant states of mind. Being a maestro in both abstract as well as figurative artworks, the colorful brushstrokes that he uses, which represent different phases of life, help him to be so expressive in his ideas.

He has exhibited his artwork in India as well as abroad. He has taken part in solo as well as group shows in various parts of the country. His group’s shows were in well-known places like Jahangir art gallery, Bombay art society among many others.

M Singh paintings

His paintings from the ‘Village of my dreams’ series,’Banaras ghat’ series, ‘Ganesha’ series, ‘Village in the evening’, Homily are considered to be the best work of the artist so far. Especially the ‘Ganesha in love of music’ and ‘Ganesha Music Festival Banaras’ are marvelous creations. Not to forget his ‘Old city’, ‘Old town’, ‘Impression of the city’,’Dharavi slum’ which are the priciest among all of his paintings.

His paintings are available to buy on so many websites online. Let us give you a few references to save you the task of getting on your little search hunt.

  • You can buy his paintings from a famous website called This is the very first website you will come across when you search for this author. You can read about the artist as well here. They sell only artwork so they have a lot of information about the artists in the about page of the artists.
  • You can find his paintings on This is the second famous website where the artwork of various budding as well as famous authors are sold.
  • Another website where you can get his artwork is
  • You can also find them on as well.
  • Last but not least. Even amazon India sells this artist’s paintings.

You can find this author modern figurative as well as abstract paintings priced from a minimum of Rs. 5000/- to a wholesome amount of Rs.115,000/- on the above websites. But trust us when we say that they are worth it. They are made of acrylic on canvas. You can find the best quality paintings with a warranty on any of these websites.

Make it fast. Go grab the best quality artworks of this artist from the above websites and decorate your houses and offices. Buy for yourself or gift someone you care about and make their day.

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